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Youth: you are the hope of the world

A recent poll by YouGov / The Sun Survey Results has reported results that give hope for the future.

The poll was taken from June the 14th to the 19th and involved young adults aged 18 to 24.

The questions related to their feelings about the future, jobs, relationships, buying a home, etc.

The poll demonstrated, contrary to popular belief, that parents have a great deal of influence upon this group. Much more than politicians, celebrities and a great deal more than religious leaders.

What was most striking were the results of the questions related to religion.

According to the results 56% of this age group have no religion. Only 25% believe in a god and 19% believe in a spiritual greater power. That means that 56% of young adults are non believers, a big difference when compared to the 2011 census. Atheists accounted for 38% and Agnostics 18% which is higher than earlier reports  I have commented before.

Belief in god graph
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For a link to the complete survey click here.

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4 thoughts on “Youth: you are the hope of the world

      1. I already have. You are beating the dead horse with this objective morals thing.

        Morality is ever changing, it evolves. I seriously doubt that you live accordingly to Leviticus, as you are not writing from some prison. And do not tell me that the old testament is not to be used as your moral guide and only the new testament is the one Christians have to follow.
        “Think not that I am come to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
        “For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or one tittle shall in any wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled.”
        Matthew 5:17-18 KJV

        And if we talk of objective morals, I have another nice example of how morals are not written in stone for you god:

        “Thou shalt not kill.”
        Exodus 20:13 KJV

        and then all of a sudden, killing is acceptable…

        “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who hath known a man by lying with him.”
        Numbers 31:17 KJV

        And the list goes on and on, including rape,incest and slavery among other objective moral values.

        And of course genocide as mentioned in this lovely verse:

        “And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man:”

        “All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died.”

        “And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark.”
        Genesis 7:21-23 KJV

        Oh, and how about the killing of 42 children just for making fun of a bald prophet? You will find that nice tidbit in 2 Kings 2:23-24.

        And we also have a great objective moral value: misogyny.

        “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”
        “And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.”
        1 Corinthians 14:34-35

        Morality is about humans and is of human origin. You might like to read my post

        I believe that the evidence available is against the existence of a omniscient, all-good and omnipotent god. And I act accordingly. As a scientist, I understand that it is not possible to disprove a god or many gods,or unicorns for that matter, but the probability of one existing is very slim. Furthermore, the onus probandi is not on me, but on the one who makes the claim that a god exists.

        And yes my brain may be playing trick on me, maybe I am in the matrix and all of this is just part of the program I am in and you are only a figment of my imagination. That does not fly with me and has no practical implications on my life, or yours.

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