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Not all work and no play – some fun on the side

Recently I had a chance to visit Spain on work related issues, enjoying the wine and the cuisine on the side.

2013-01-30 20.08.03
A view of one of the cellars at the Arzuaga Bodega near Valladolid, Spain.

My hosts in Valladolid were absolutely magnificent and made me feel quite at home. Their knowledge of the local wine and food was most helpful.

2013-02-01 15.56.00
Mercado de San Miguel. Madrid, Spain.

In Madrid I got to see all the usual places, but had a very good time eating at the Mercado de San Miguel. It is a very interesting place to visit, the food is excellent as well as the selection of wines and deserts. The coffee is very good.

2013-02-01 15.59.01
A great variety of olives at one of the stands in El Mercado de San Miguel




You walk around picking whatever tickles your fancy and then head towards tables at the center of the market place to enjoy your little gastronomic treasures.

2013-02-01 16.13.15
The first steps exploring El Mercado de San Miguel

Even though the food and the company were superb, what I most enjoyed was my visit to the Museo Nacional del Prado. What a great place to visit. Goya, Velazquez, Van Dyck, Martin Rico among many more.

English: Prado Museum, in Madrid (Spain). Espa...
English: Prado Museum, in Madrid (Spain). Español: Museo del Prado, en Madrid (España). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The museums signature painting is  “Las Meninas” by Diego Velazquez. You can admire it for hours on end.

Diego Velázquez - Las Meninas (detail) - WGA24449
Diego Velázquez – Las Meninas (detail) – WGA24449 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I fell in love with the museums only Rembrandt : “Judit en el banquete de Holofernes” also known as Artemisia. I was captivated by the technique, the magnificent use of light and shadow. So much that I decided to have a digital print on canvas made at the museum shop in order to enjoy this image at home.

Judit en el banquete de Holofernes

While I waited for my print I relaxed with a nice cup of coffee, well deserved after walking around viewing the vast amount of paintings this museum has in exhibition.

2013-02-02 13.31.19
Licencia de Creative Commons
Coffee Break by Gerardo F Zambito Brondo is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 3.0 Unported License.

So if you have a chance to go to Madrid, don’t miss the opportunity to view all the wonders the Museo Nacional del Prado has to offer.

See you next time.


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