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My morning read: Jill Tarter and Science

I was going through the latest edition of The Morning Heresy from the Center for Inquiry, which is as they state “Your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities” . A very good way to catch up on many interesting topics. Reading this I  came across an excellent quote by Jill Tarter that I will share with you.

Jill Tarter at TED
Jill Tarter at TED (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Science isn’t a popularity contest. Science isn’t what you want to believe. It isn’t what anyone believes. Science is what currently is the best explanation for the data and evidence that we have at hand.”

Jill Tarter

Take a look at her 2009 TED talk on the importance of the  search for alien intelligence (SETI), it is inspiring and puts some perspective on humankind.

See you next time.


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