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A Confused Atheist or not really an Atheist?

English: , circa 2010.
English: , circa 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every so often, I go through different blogs to see what is going on in the media. During one of these readings I came across S.E. Cupp’s show The Cycle.

S.E. Cupp co-hosts the MSNBC talk show The Cycle and on the July 5th episode Devoted to your religion and respecting others she interviewed Kelly James Clark, editor of Abraham’s Children. During the discussion she touched upon JFK’s Speech on His Religion (that she sure did not understand!) and a bit on current presidential politics, but around 8:11 she drops the bomb.

“I would never vote for an atheist President”

then some other good ones:

“I like religion being a check and knowing my goes home at night addressing someone above him and not thinking all the power resides right here”

and there is more:

“I envy religious people”

What?! An atheist against having an atheist President?! Would that not be akin to saying Christians against Christ?

She wants religion as a check against what? Critical thinking and rationality?

So an atheist President should go to his quarters and seek guidance from a being that he believes does not exist? That is plain hogwash.

The Secular Coalition got it a bit better:

This woman at best is a weak agnostic and I am putting my money on her being a deist leaning towards theism in the not to distant future. And the truth be told, I really think that she is a theist in Atheist‘s clothing.

She really should get her definitions straight. A quick look at Merriam-Websters might be in order.

On a higher note, take a look at the very beginning of the video to see Peter Higgs commentary on the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson so good that he is alive to see it.


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3 thoughts on “A Confused Atheist or not really an Atheist?

  1. An atheist ‘not vote for an atheist president’? The woman’s delusional. Either that or it’s a desperate and cynical attempt to keep all political bases covered, just in case…

  2. Interesting…
    People are never immune to changing their minds about anything. I prefer a president that is on the moderate side of things, frankly, who can perceive of all sides. Extremism on any side or the other makes me a little nervous in a president.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. So right. The important thing is that a President takes all views into consideration and has America’s best interests in mind.

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