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“catulis canis oculi aperi ad quindecum diem, fatuus…numquam”

“catulis canis oculi aperi ad quindecum diem, fatuus…numquam”

Newborn Puppies
Newborn Puppies (Photo credit: Alland Dharmawan)

Don’t you ever feel like you are talking to a brick wall sometimes?

When no matter how hard you try, no matter if you try to use your most logical arguments, you just can’t get people to understand. Belief is so ingrained in some people, that even in the presence of overwhelming evidence, they will not budge.

I will not go into details, but at the hospital I work at, some colleagues and I have been in some serious arguments with the Chief of Staff and other authorities over ER policy and the hospital code of conduct. We have demonstrated with a myriad of medical papers that the ER policy in question is not medically motivated, but rather a moral judgement upon patients. It is not my place to judge. My role is to give my patient the best treatment possible and when needed, recommend counseling. And on the details pertaining the code of conduct, I felt like they wanted to impose a set of rules taken from Torquemada himself. We firmly informed them that acceptance of this new rule was out of the question. So we have been dragging an epistolary fight for weeks, but I believe that reason shall prevail in this case.

Sometimes one is up against unreason and must use all possible means to control our frustration in the face of irrationality, specially when it has an effect or potential effect upon others. Even though many times it is so hard for me, I believe that we are compelled to be the better person in the presence of judgemental and intolerant people.

There is a Mexican phrase that goes well with this sentiment, and I do my best to repeat it to myself every time I face this kind of situation.

“los perros abren los ojos a los quince días, los pendejos…nunca.”

That would translate into:

“puppies open their eyes in a fortnight…fools never do.”  Well, the exact word is not fool, but it serves to that effect.

The title of this post as you can see is my attempt to translate the phrase into latin.

Sometimes it helps, sometimes I fall prey of exasperation. You win some and you lose some, but you keep trying.

See you next time.


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2 thoughts on ““catulis canis oculi aperi ad quindecum diem, fatuus…numquam”

  1. Well said. This moralising (rather than moral) tendency in public policy is deplorable and needs to be stood up to. I wish you every success, for all our sakes.
    The Latin looks pretty fine too. 🙂

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