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Views on The Thinking Atheist

I was listening to The Thinking Atheist Radio Padcast #58 (5-15-12) called “I’m an Atheist Teenager” yesterday and I sure enjoyed it.

Although the podcast is about teenagers, it touches on all of us. Even those, as the host of the show puts it who “creep slowly but surely to the age fifty”. I must add that I am a bit closer than he is to that mark.

Our perspective on this is different obviously than that of a teen, but the opinions of this younger generation are to be taken into consideration and not just brushed aside with the remark they are only kids. I have to commend the honesty and bravery the young persons that called in. I wish that I had been willing at that age to come out and express my beliefs in public. Instead, I was, as many, content to be a closet atheist. Happy being a non-believer in the shadows, while being part of the social scene of religion.

The part about when, through life experience  you come to realize how much you don’t know just hit the chord right on the spot.

 I don’t know much about anything

It is so true that at an early age you take things with such certainty, every thing is either black or white when you’re a teenager. Only after the ups and downs, the bumps in life do you come to understand that maybe, just maybe, things work more on a scale of grays.

I enjoyed hearing the kids talk about how they came to the realization of non-belief and how they expressed this to others.

I loved listening to the story of a 15 year-old called Steven. He was born in Russia and adopted at an early age by fundamentalist Catholics. He speaks of his journey towards atheism and how on a fancy, during class and in contradiction to the arguments against atheists that his teacher put up before the class, he stands up and declares himself an atheist (49:54-51:30).

But what appalled me was the reaction of his adoptive mother  saying “Thank God you are not my real son”.  That heartless and very Christian bitch. I am just sad that Hell does not exist, because if anybody deserves to be punished severely is that woman.

On a lighter note, I highly recommend The Thinking Atheist podcast, and the website is full of information to help you on your journey. Seth Andrews has helped many on their path to reason and non-belief. And even though he is not in a position of academia as people such as Richard Dawkins is or in the spotlight as Christopher Hitchens was; I truly believe that with his great videos, his webpage and podcast, he has made non-belief a bit more down to earth and more accesible for the masses.

My thanks and admiration for his good work.

And I did not even mention that he has a very good radio voice.

See you next time.

ps:  don’t forget to be counted, and give a click on The Atheist Census


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