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Hello world!

Hello, this is the first post of many I hope.

As my profile states; I am a family man, a gamer, a neurosurgeon and a “Born Again 6.9 Atheist”. Or you could use the word Agnostic, maybe it is just a mater of semantics. I am also a Coffee Aficionado.

The 6.9 comes from Richard Dawkins Spectrum of theistic probability ( Dawkins, Richard (2006). The God Delusion. Bantam Books. pp. 50. ISBN 0-618-68000-4.)

I started life as everybody; an atheist. No child is born with a fixed set of values. We have our parents and family thrust upon us their own set of values; be they moral, political o religious. From an early age we here of God (Allah, Jesus o whatever deity is popular in your area) and depending on your parents religion, even before we can understand words…religion is imposed on us (circumcision, baptism or what not). Such was my case. I was baptized in the Catholic church as would be expected of me and continued the path, including a stint at being an alter boy. Catechism and Sunday Mass were part of the routine up to about the age of 13 probably. After that I did not have a very good attendance to those activities either. I had read the Bible from cover to cover a couple of times around the time I stopped going to church, maybe not analyzing consciously but surely in my subconscius something was going on; the wheels had started turning. Questions came up time and time again. The God in my Bible was first a jealous, vengeful and spiteful one and then all lovey-dovey, with a world of contradiction. Maybe he was schizophrenic, of the paranoid variety.

All this time I was moving away from my preordained faith, I was becoming a non-practising Catholic or maybe, just maybe by then a 3.5; could have been labeled as an agnostic with a touch of theism, but on the right track 😉 . As time went by I started to regard religion as something man-made, with all the flaws that comes with its maker.

Don’t think that all this stems from a bad life, on the contrary I think that all in all (with the normal ups and downs) my life has been very good. All this comes as a personal process of learning.

Going back to the religion thing. I have come to believe that religion is a very bad thing and the cause of many evils. As Blaise Pascal once said “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction”.

But I am wandering, back to our journey. By now I am not going to church anymore and have a sincere aversion to religion. At the same time I retain a great respect for other peoples beliefs; not so much a respect for what they believe in, but respect for their right to believe in whatever they want to.

Life in a small town, with not much to do, but lots of time to read.

Accompanying my uncle (the doctor) on rounds, surgery and as an occasional ad hoc coroners assistant; getting my first taste of life and death. Waiting to fulfill my childhood dream of going to medical school and becoming a doctor.

Medical School! Oh happy days! Reading ( a lot!), getting to know many new friends, some of them lifelong. Parties, drinking…the usual.

Internship…your on your own now buddy…well almost.


Family man, gamer, neurosurgeon, "Born Again 6.9 Atheist" and of course, Coffee aficionado

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